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Our Story

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Drs. Wise and Sanford met in Dallas, Texas, and completed their doctoral internships at the same community mental health organization. After becoming licensed as psychologists, they transitioned into leadership roles and continued to work closely with one another. As their career paths expanded, both started families and became more personally aware of the challenges with attending to their professional aspirations while honoring the relationship with their partners and role as mothers. 

Similar to other families, the recent global pandemic provided an opportunity for Drs. Wise and Sanford to reflect on the demands of parenting, their intimate partner relationship, and career goals. Both quickly agreed that society’s expectations of balance were unattainable. Instead of becoming discouraged, a united passion was fueled to develop intentional services to support committed couples as they navigate being (or becoming) parents while staying connected to one another.


Believing that couples can flourish when a safe space is created to make the implicit explicit, Parenting While Committed was created to offer services that provide an alternative to striving for balance. Instead, Drs. Sanford and Wise collaborate with couples to establish rhythms that honor the complexities of our roles, values, and priorities at the intersection of the intimate and parenting relationship.  


Meet Drs. Wise and Sanford

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