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Individual, Couple
& Family Therapy

For individuals, couples and families looking to have a safe and focused setting to explore issues related to couple and family relationships, parenting, and navigating unique life roles

Therapy services

Parenting While Committed psychologists view individual and couple experiences through a systemic lens, meaning individual perspectives are explored through an understanding of the individual's embedded context and their relationships.


The general purpose of family or couple’s counseling is to provide support to better understand relational patterns and roles that are having a negative impact. Ultimately, therapy provides a collaborative space to develop a plan to address areas of growth, and focuses on the strengths of the individual, couple, and family  to meet identified goals.

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Dr. Wise
Dr. Sanford

Our Approach

Drs. Sanford & Wise specialize in child, couple, and family therapy and have gathered invaluable insights over years of partnering with clients. Relationships are not static. In order for them to flourish, partners must consistently reflect on themselves, their family, and  their partnership. Therapy provides an opportunity to increase insight, understanding, and connections. 

Armed with these tools, clients feel more confident in the choices they make together for their family and avoid common and potentially painful pitfalls. All services operate from the premise that there is no right way to navigate parenting, relationships, or family. Instead, our work with families aims to support clients' ability to make decisions that honor their values and beliefs. As a result, clients become more connected in their intimate relationship and more closely aligned in their ability to truly work together as parenting partners. 


  • Couples or Family Therapy

    • Initial Assessment: $375/90 minutes

    • Therapy Sessions:  $250/hour

  • Individual Therapy

    • Initial Assessment: $250/90 minutes

    • Therapy Sessions  $175/hour

Therapy can be conducted in-person or virtually.

In-person sessions will be conducted at: 

10300 North Central Expressway, Suite 325

Dallas, Texas 75231

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